Monday, October 24, 2011

No Prayer Breaks for NOM!

Today on CNN they are reporting the account of a Muslim woman who was fired from Hertz for taking a previously permissible prayer-break which is an established tenet of the observant Muslim religious traditions.  Essentially, the new regulations insist that anyone seeking a prayer-break must clock-out; though, opponents of the regulation maintain that employees desiring to take a smoking-break are not equally compelled to clock-out for the brief personal time that they are taking.

Theofascist and other "Christian Right" (ie. speciously so-called "pro-family") groups have previously denounced the prohibition of ("Christian-only"!) prayer in public schools as a violation of their religious liberties.  Indeed, the so-called National organization for Marriage" (Discrimination) has been utterly silent about what would peripherally seem, to me, to be a clear violation of the so-called "religious liberty" protections that they are so fervently demanding be protected under the law as deserving of special status, even at the expense of minority Civil Rights!  The only news being discussed at NOM Blog, to date, is their insistence that the defense of the un-Constitutional DOMA be taken from the budget of the Justice Department; a plea to contact the NH. Judicial Committee and secure passage of the anti-Gay "Restore Marriage Act"; and even a rather vicious comment about a new case from Calgary (Canada) titled "After SSM, What's next?  Redefining Fatherhood?!" in which a non-biologically related spouse of a Gay man's biological daughter was granted parental rights as her care taker, because he had cared for her for most of her life. 

How is this case of a Muslim employee any different than NOM's latest martyr in New York State, Rose Marie Belforti?!  Could it be the religion of the employee involved, because she is a Muslim?  While I can offer no demonstrable proof, it does seem very suspicious that NOM would pass up a golden opportunity like this to defend a Muslim woman who had her "religious liberties" trampled upon if ever there was a case for them and their backers to rally behind!  At the very least, an absence like this is surely peripheral evidence, at the very least, that they are exploiting certain religious groups to meet their fascist goals.

For a group so adamant about defending so-called "religious liberties" (that is, one's personal conscious and moral authority) they have certainly refused to defend any "religious liberties" that differ from their socially conservative orthopraxy, such as mine!  Where was there moral rage and indignation crying for a greater sense of tolerance and religious freedom for polytheistic religions such as mine when, for example, a Pagan temple was desecrated and its officiating Priest was hospitalized in the Ukraine last month?  (The mob who desecrated the Temple painted a message that reads: "Die heathens"!)  So much for NOM's specious declaration that they are fighting for so-called "religious liberties" (regressive ones at that!).  It is evident that NOM cares about no other so-called religious liberties other than their own and is fighting to have them imposed nation-wide!

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