Friday, October 28, 2011

The Exploitation of Gay People!

(Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs)

A troubling thought has just occurred to me that, and I cannot believe that it has just now become evident: Me and my Gay brothers are being exploited, chiefly by women!  By every woman who comes to us in search of the perfect wedding dress in order to make her feel "like a Princess!"--as we are exploited by her--such as my Brothers on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress; by every woman whose hair we style for a date, the prom, or her anniversary or wedding (as we are exploited by her!); and by every woman who wears a fashion designer's because she wants to be beautiful (as we are, again, exploited by her!).  Yet, in the vast majority of these instances, I sincerely doubt that any of these women would give a second thought to Gay civil rights and that we are not treated under the law as equal to them, simply because she does inherently view us as "less than" she and her relationship with her boyfriend or spouse; I can't imagine most of these heterosexual women advocating for marriage equality.  To them, we may make them look good and feel good, but we are kept at a safe emotional distance, the way one keeps anything that is of little significant value to them, such as a pet.  Indeed, if they oppose marriage equality with full knowledge, it affirms the fact that they knowingly exploit me and my Brothers!  The question should then be: What should we do about our exploitation?  I have a few ideas; if they will not support marriage equality directly, than we must force their hands to support it if they want our surfaces, indirectly, by (at the very least) setting aside a portion of the money they spend on our services and directly funneling it into local and state-wide marriage equality battles.

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  1. It’s important to remember that society is generally a very male heterosexual dominated society, so the fact that groups such as women, young people or gay men survive to the extent that they do, should be celebrated too.