Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marriage Matters, NY-Style

The TIMES has recently highlighted the fiasco and genuine fear regarding the alleged consequences over Marriage Equality for Gay people, and the fight for an individual consciousness clause based upon Christofascist animosity:
...what can be said for sure is that the New York legislation will nationalize the gay marriage debate in a way that no other step in the long campaign has
...the religious-based objections to gay marriage [are a] mere pretext for deeper, and harder to express public antipathy towards homosexuality.
Legislative reluctance to enact basic civil rights protections that others can take for granted — or do not need — looks increasingly ideological and out of date, a throwback to another era. The New York vote is a bright arrow pointed toward the future — a future that many welcome, but that others, of course, continue to perceive with something more akin to dread.

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