Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Theocracy for Maggie!

Lately I have been observing a shift in the rhetoric of the talking heads over at the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM), chiefly that of former founding President and Chairperson, Maggie Gallagher.  Last month Maggie advocated for eliminating the First Amendment of the Constitution as an alleged threat to her Christofascist "religious liberties".  However, if that were not bad enough, the group seems to have more forcefully embraced a change of tone ever since their colossal loss in New York state.  A couple weeks before that sweeping Legislative vote Brian Browne had the following to say on NOM's Blog:

NOM pledged at least $1 million to help educate New Yorkers on how their representatives vote on this issue. With your help and God’s, we will stand by our word.
As Archbishop Timothy P. Dolan put it so eloquently this week, “God, not Albany, has settled the definition of marriage a long time ago.”
It’s fourth down and long in the fourth quarter in the fight for marriage in New York. But some amazing people are standing up for God’s truth about marriage.
Moreover, at the Manhattan NOM-sponsored anti-Gay hate-rally (with the signs to prove it) Maggie had the audacity to publicly admit!

Such rhetoric was a lot less brazen, and especially a lot less public more than a year ago when the NOM crew would insert the following notices on their Blog at a very selectively chosen event:
"I am here to present an award, but the honor is really ours--to acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of COGIC in standing for the truth that to make a marriage you need a husband and wife. At a time when so many powerful voices argue that this idea is rooted only in hatred and bigotry, we are blessed by your witness to the truth, which is really God's truth, about marriage," Maggie Gallagher told the assembled 20,000 African-American women and COGIC bishops, and other church leaders.
This simply astonishes me, because until recently, NOM has always attempted to downplay their evident religious motivation for marriage discrimination -- but, no longer!  The National Organization for Marriage would seem ever more intend on establishing a theocracy in which their extremist religious beliefs are given cultural, societal, and legal precedent and privileged over others; and a society in which they are "free" to openly discriminate against Gay people in terms of housing, employment, medical treatment, or goods and services.  It's incredibly jarring to me that these theofascist organizations have interpreted their religious purview to mean that they must have a legal right to discriminate, or else they do not have real "religious freedom".  However, in the secular world, it is generally believed that one's right to practice their religion generally ends outside of their home and their Church or Temple.

Now, fast forward to today when NOM released this Blog posting demanding that Legislators who happen to be Catholic Legislate in accordance with their socially conservative (in this case, Catholic) religious beliefs and that they must actually obey their respective archbishops!

And, for anyone who'd like some more positive news, here's something to enjoy by openly Gay blong B'way bombshell, Sam Harris (a Marriage Equality anthem):

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