Friday, August 5, 2011

Maggie's Nightmare Come True?

Maggie Gallagher seems rather fond of speaking out of both sides of her mouth.  Back in 1991 she penned a viciously intolerant article (The Myth of Multiculturalism) against the apparent evils of "multiculturalism" that were encroaching into our public schools as, somehow, a demonstrable threat to her "religious liberties" and other like her, because the notion of these other faiths and their traditions might seem confusing and it would even be at odds with what she believes would be the moral instructions of Christian parents' teachings.  Sound familiar?  Well, it should!  This is the same argument, merely in a different guise, in which she has tried to drum-up Christian parental fear-mongering against other cultures, religions, and even other races!  Yes, Maggie has more than a slight racist bone in her body.  She ended this article by saying how embarrassed she is to admit that most African Americans are also Christian!  But, why do I bring this up?  Because, one infamous talking-point constantly brought up by Maggie Gallagher is the fear of a dramatic cultural shift in society that she and others like her cannot or do not approve of: "Gay marriage advocates hope to use the law to reshape the culture in exactly the same way that the law was used to reshape the culture of the old racist south."  I find it ironic that she would bring up an opposition to racism considering her earlier remarks, and the fact that her group has engaged in its fair share of ovate race-bating (despicable as it is)!  But, moreover, Maggie Gallagher's worse nightmare encapsulated by this talking point might be in the verge of reality!  According to Queerty, a Lesbian woman was excused from Jury service by the Prosecution, under the pretense that she new some Nigerian friends and might be biased in the Defendant's favor because of his ethnicity.  However, according to the Defense in this case, it would appear that she was removed because of her sexual orientation!  Historically, minorities were frequently weeded from a jury pool by Prosecutors because they might have sympathy for the Defense; I find it appalling that Maggie would insist that it's offensive to the African American community (a community that she is manipulating!) as if we both have no shared experiences of historical oppression!  And, furthermore, if this case lands before the SCOTUS, and they decide that it's unconstitutional to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, that blows Maggie's agenda wide-open.  You know, the agenda about us wanting to "use the law to reshape the culture" when this case is not being challenged by the Gay community (so, she cannot blame us).  Oh, and there's also her agenda in which she demands -- based on religious and moral dogma -- the legal right for all society to be able to discriminate against Gay people in terms of housing, employment, and goods and services, etc. (Brian Brown admitted to this on MSNBC this year, in fact!).  Indeed, if the SCOTUS finds that it is in keeping with the Equal Protection Claus -- the one that Maggie Gallagher humorously insisted our Founding Fathers drafted to protect citizens on the basis of race alone while she was a guest on CNN! -- than it could positively be used as a weapon against DOMA, challenged to state-sanctioned marriage discrimination, as well positively affecting the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (none of which Maggie and her coevals want!).  But, that's not all....  Maggie Gallagher also has her sights set on dismantling the First Amendment as a threat to her beliefs, as well, assuredly even imposing Domionist Christofascism onto the country and its citizenry; she honestly believes (well, she wrote it, so whether or not she believes it is anyone's guess) that the motives of the Gay community is to secularize the country and to separate the "American tradition" from "it's Judeo-Christian roots"!  Terrifying, no?


  1. Yes it is terrifying but ultimately we all will prevail. It's because NOM has no valid arguments once you remove the religious overtones.

    Not a one. That has been amply demonstrated when groups like the APA, NASW et al endorse marriage equality.

  2. Sadly, the Magster is a sly one when she's on TV, and you just can't seem to rattle her, nor get her to admit what her ulterior agenda ultimately is...