Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ruth Steps in "It" Again

Ari, the far more fiery Blogger over at the website for the NOM-affiliate The Ruth Institute ("Making Marriage Cool" QED) has stepped in "it", again, it would seem...  You may recall that earlier this year the Human Right's Campaign affiliate NomExposed responded to The Ruth Institutes "Reel Love Challenge" by submitting a very tastefully rendered video of their own.  First of all, the title of the competition is clearly an anti-Gay play on words intended to convey the NOM-endorsed ideology that Gay people are either incapable of loving their significant others to the extent that a heterosexual couple is, or else that we are incapable of what heterosupremists call "love" (because the thought of two men being romantic to each other just seems to make their skin crawl); both being old-hat forms of discrimination intended to make it seem more "natural" to oppress a minority by augmenting a group's perceived differences. 

Shortly after their submission, Ari responded with a post that was in such utterly poor taste - comparing our love for a spouse with vomit - that it was summarily removed by the Ruth Institute Blog Mistress without even apologizing to the Gay community in any meaningful way for his comments.  (Ari's comments to his post seem to have been far worse than even the original posting itself!)  Fast forward more than six months later and Ari has again shoved his foot into his mouth, insisting, that Gay people apparently know that we are "America-hating, freedom-hating goons" in a clear ad hominem assault.  (Props to Jeremy Hooper of GoodAsYou for this clip!)  One wonders if Ruth will, again, find itself in the position of having to apologize on Ari's behalf?  Time will tell.

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