Monday, July 18, 2011

The International Organization for Marriage Discrimination?

Well, it would appear that my fears have been realized!  A couple weeks ago, according to a public phone call that Jamie McGonnigal (Talk About Equality Blog) over-heard, Brian Brown (Pres. of the National Organization for Marriage) admitted at an air port that NOM appears to be planning to launch an international anti-Gay Group or, otherwise, an international anti-Gay activity of some time! Money quote:
[Brian Brown] said he needed to talk to Justin about who to hire with regards to a “New York International” organization. He has a meeting planned with the Christian Institute of Scotland and then said he didn’t “have much faith in the Mexican group.” Again, Jeremy Hooper recognized that Thomas Peters (NOM staffer) has been tweeting about some of NOM’s “exciting new plans.” This could very well have to do with that.
I have long-since been privately begging NOM to take its show on the roan, only because I need a good laugh at how the rest of the world is bound to treat them -- especially Ms. Maggie Gallagher-Srivastav -- when one takes into account how generally far more liberal Europe is when compared to the level of clearly anti-Gay extremist that NOM exhibits!  I also find is rather hysterical that Sen. Ruben "Gays are worthy to death" Diaz has refused to partake in NOM's 24 July anti-Gay hate-rally picketing the marriage licenses of Gay couples!  Neither will Archbishop Timothy Dolan be there.  This is odd, to me, considering the furor with which they both protested Gay Civil Rights in the months and weeks before the end of June throughout NY State!

Also, I can't believe that he's a smoker!  That certainly doesn't seem very "Christian" of him, considering all the carcinogens in but a single puff!

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