Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gay Liberation Studies!

I just got a box full of books that I have ordered from New York University Press that I shall individually review in coming months; needless to say, I already find myself unequivocally endorsing them:

  • Voted Out: The Psychological Consequences of Anti-Gay Politics, by Glenda M. Russell: I should love to inquire of Dr. Russell if she has considered writing a book detailing and explaining - based upon our experiences and those of other minorities - precisely what oppression feels like; because, i know, I can't seem to get this across to my heterosexual family and friends.  Also, given NOM's activities since the publication of this book in 2000, a second text to supplement this one would yield a valuable resource, I believe.
  • Long Before Stonewall: Histories of Same-Sex Sexuality in Early America, ed. by Thomas A. Foster
  • Gay Macho: The Life and Death of the Homosexual Clone, by Martin P. Levine
  • When Gay People Get Married: What Happens When Societies Legalize Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, by M. V. Lee Badgett
  • Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation, ed. by Karla Jay and Allen Young
Coda: This morning, upon checking the mail, I just received another book from the same academic press, Queer Studies: A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Anthology, ed. by Brett Beemyn and Mickey Eliason.

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